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Sidi Canyon Gore-Tex Motorcycle Boots

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Taking valuable feedback from their Super sport championship sponsored riders, every year RST invests many thousands of man hours on designing, crafting and testing the RST suits, textiles, gloves and boots to ensure unbeatable protection, value, comfort and affordability. Every RST item that is carefully produced today is packed with the latest materials and manufactured to the highest specification and tolerances that are currently available to ensure your ultimate protection.

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Sidi, continuously researching new technological solutions to enhance rider safety, is proud to present the Sidi Canyon Gore-Tex Touring boot. With Sidis great style, feel, support and quality there are no finer road boots in the world.

Gore-Tex: Striving for peak performance? Whether its a day on a wet track, a long distance tour through all types of conditions, or simply pursuing your everyday adventures, Sidi GORE-TEX lined boots will help you get there. Designed to provide comfort and protection, Sidi GORE-TEX boots keep your feet dry, even when you encounter snow, or rain. Each Sidi GORE-TEX boot is totally waterproof to keep moisture from penetrating inside, yet incredibly breathable to allow sweat to escape. This high breathability is critical to your comfort because, simply put, sweaty feet are uncomfortable feet. Inside waterproof boots that are not breathable, moisture builds up and has nowhere to go. It then remains trapped against your skin, leaving your feet clammy, uncomfortable, and more prone to develop blisters.

This can be even more of a problem in high aerobic activities because the more active you are, the more your feet sweat were talking up to one full cup of water a day! Sidis GORE-TEX lined boots is specifically designed to provide comfort and protection on a hard ride or for longer rides when the weather is warmer. The patented GORE-TEX bootie is where it all starts. Nestled between the boots outer top grain leather and the inner liner, this bootie keeps water out while letting your perspiration vapor escape. As part of Sidis waterproof guarantee, EVERY bootie and boot produced is tested for waterproofness and breathability. And, to make sure the whole boot breathes the way it should, all leather and other textile materials used to construct Sidi GORE-TEX boots are tested for breathability as well. So go on take that extra step. Take it in total comfort because youre wearing Sidi GORE-TEX boots!

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