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Spada System Suit Motorcycle Oversuit

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A brand that all bikers can trust. Spada motorcycle clothing is fast becoming extremely popular amongst motorcyclists who can recognise its excellent value for money and durability. Prominently featured in the media and always performing highly in magazine tests, Spada motorbike clothing and accessories are famous for their amazing quality motorcycle products and accessories and fantastic prices.

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With winter just around the corner make sure you're covered from top to toe up with a Spada System Suit Oversuit . The Spada System suit is 100% waterproof and windproof, has removable thermal lining and comes with CE approved armour. Get your Spada oversuits from

Ghost Bikes now stock a full range of Spada Clothing Please click here to see what's currently available.

Product Feedback (1 review)

This is a fantastic suit, it really is, but has one major flaw. It has a leaky crotch... Because the zip goes down the middle, then when you're sat on your bike the usual trouser crease is there, and if it's raining hard then you get a pool that forms right there. It normally holds for a while, but then all of a sudden the flood gates open as the water has finally made it's way through the zip, onto your crotch. And because this is "waterproof", that water will now pool at your butt, and because there's no zip at the back, the water can't escape and so just sits there... It's really nice;y made though! all the pocket space you need and has some great built in armour and the suit itself is extremely comfortable! It just needed the zip to preferentially go down the side so it didn't reside at the pool of the trouser crease.


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