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Shoei Qwest Motorcycle Helmet

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Shoei manufacture all of its products using the keywords quality and value. The company has used these criteria's ever since it began manufacturing helmets in January 1960. It has been at the forefront of motorcycle helmet technology since that very day and continues to lead a very substantial field in terms of technical innovation and design.

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Ready for a new QWEST?

The brand new Shoei QWEST Motorcycle Helmet has everything you can expect from a SHOEI with more than 50 years experience in manufacturing motorcycle helmets and an inventor of leading edge technology to the industry. Unrivalled comfort, perfect fit plus the highest quality build construction and SHOEIīs legendary atenttion to detail. With an overall weight of only 1400g (+/- 50) at size M and a noise level more than 60 % lower than the RAID II (equals 2.2 db) the QWEST is your perfect companion for every day ride and the grand tour as well.

Long in the planning.

Over the last couple of years SHOEI research and development has been focussed on mainly sports oriented helmets. The results are well known and leaders in their categories: VFX-W, one of the most popular popular professional motocross helmets that truly changed the shapes to come. XR-1100, introduced 2009 as the new benchmark in sporty touring helmets. The same year SHOEI came up with X-Spirit II, the top-of-the-line racing helmet trusted by professional racers from MotoGP to World Super Bike. In 2010 SHOEI made the decision to concentrate on the development of a new and ground-breaking touring helmet, a new concept that would keep the best balance of light weight and noise reduction for maximum comfort plus experience and knowledge from over 50 years development of quality motorcycle helmets for the highest level of safety while touring the road.


A new SHOEI helmet on the market does always mean a lot of innovation, and so does the new touring helmet SHOEI QWEST. Riderīs will not only read about it, they will see, feel and even hear it.

  • COOL EXPERIENCE. By all means the new SHOEI QWEST will take your breath away, but it wonīt leave you breathless. As the inventor of ventilated motorcycle helmets SHOEI has been working on the perfect in-helmet climate system and by doing some clever modifications like repositioning and resizing of the air intakes and adding outlets to the back we got the result that used air will be actively sucked out of the helmet by low pressure.
  • PERFECT FIT. The SHOEI QWEST comes in additional sizes to make sure it fits sizes from xxs up to xxl perfectly. The feeling is safe and strong but comfortable without any markable pressure points. The Cheek Pads are removable for cleaning, and especially while touring riders may enjoy the low weight of 1400 gr and the shell integrated spoiler eases the strain on he riders neck even further.
  • ENJOY THE SILENCE. Noise level is a very important factor when touring the road. SHOEI has a long history in taking extra care of noise reduction in itīs products, still we where able to do even better and the new SHOEI QWEST is 2.2 decibel quieter then previous models. That means an impressing 60% more silent, you will definetly hear the difference by not hearing it. Itīs all about aerodynamics and before even starting to put hands on the helmet SHOEI developed a whole new dedicated wind tunnel just to make sure the right tools are on board.


  • Look good. See better. Already wellknown from the flagship racing model X-Spirit II and the premium sports tourer XR-1100 the new SHOEI QWEST comes equipped with the revolutionary CW-1 visor system and the Q.R.S.A variable axis mechanism . The CW-1 is made of polycarbonate and 3-D moulded with minimum distortion. It is hard coated and vastly reduces the effects of UV. An effective PinlockŪ fog-free lens has been enlarged by about 30% through the combination of a CW-1 visor and the Q.R.S.A. system with variable axis mechanism. The vision in the upper portion of the visor has been substantially improved and promises high safety and comfort in such varying situations as rainy weather and cold mornings for different motorcycles and riding positions.
  • Safety comes in layers. The AIM+ shell is one of the core elements forming the SHOEI QWEST. Itīs 6 layers of reinforced organic fibres and glassfibre result in a more elastic and still lighter construction than a pure glassfibre shell. The technology has been patented and is regarded as the technical property of SHOEI.

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