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SixSixOne Fenix Grid Motocross Helmet

  • Price: £289.99
  • Quick Code: 3953
  • Availability: Out of Stock

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SixSixOne Fenix Grid Motocross Helmet

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SixSixOne Fenix Grid Motocross Helmet

SixSixOne (661) Brand info

SixSixOne (661)...

At SixSixOne, they have a passion for building innovative products that exceed the standards within the mountain bike and motocross industries. Their design team and developers are constantly hard at work stretching materials and pushing product development to the limit to provide the consumer with quality products that fit both their needs and lifestyle.

New to GhostBikes, The SixSixOne Fenix Grid Motocross Helmet. The Fenix helmet comes powered up with a Kevlar, Carbon Fiber, and Fiberglass composite Tri-weave shell that keeps that exceeds Snell M2005, DOT, ECE 22.05, and AU standards. Its Panorama wide eyeport helps increase peripheral vision for seeing the entire maze. The Fenix also has 3 external vents, and a larger mouth vent for chomping on some serious air with our FHVS. The Savior comfort liner and earpads wick away moisture for maximum comfort as the levels start piling up

Ghost Bikes now stock a full range of 661 Motocross Gear Please click here to see what's currently available.

The Six Six One Fenix Grid Moto-X Helmet are packed with features...

Specifications include

  • Tri-weave construction - Tri-weave is a special blend of Fiberglass, Carbon, and Kevlar that allows a composite helmet to be stiffer in thinner layers, and to tailor the stiffness in certain sections of a helmet like the chin bar, which needs to be stronger than other areas of a helmet.
  • Panorama eyeport - The Panorama fullview eyeport is designed to give maximum peripheral vision and allow any goggles to fit without interference
  • Full helmet venting system - The Full Helmet Venting System, or FHVS, is a system designed to give maximum airflow by linking channels and vents to create a vortex of airflow pushing warm air out of the helmet allowing cooler air to keep you cool.
  • Neck brace compatible - Certain technologies work better if the supporting products are designed to work in conjunction with each other. Neck braces are one of those technologies that need products design specifically to work with other safety equipment. Certain helmets, chest protectors, and roost deflectors are designed to work in conjunction with a neck brace to maximize comfort, fit, and motion.
  • Exceeds Snell M2005, DOT, ECE 22.05 and AU Standards
  • 3 external vents
  • Large mouth vent
  • Removable Savior comfort liner
  • 'DD' strap retention system
  • Goggle grip guide
  • ACU Gold

The 661 Fenix Grid MX Motocross Helmet is currently available in the colours shown in the product variation above, if there is no variation option, it will be available in the colours as shown in the pictures above.

Your package will include the following

  • Brand new & well packaged item
  • SixSixOne Fenix Grid Motocross Helmet in your chosen size and colour
  • Manual
  • Spare Visor Screw
  • 661 Helmet Bag

The SixSixOne Fenix Grid Motocross Helmet is available in various sizes, please use the guide below to help determine your correct size preference.

Helmet Size Guide

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