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Pro-Jump EXO Jumping Stilts (CZ90)

  • Price: £209.99
  • RRP: £249.99
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Pro-Jump EXO Jumping Stilts (CZ90)

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Pro-Jump EXO Jumping Stilts (CZ90)

The Pro-Jump Exo Range is new with a radical design that has been meticulously tested for over a year by the leading Powerbocking Clubs in the UK. These new generation of Pro-Jump Jumping Stilts are high quality, make Jumping easier and help develop the user’s performance due to the enhanced quality and responsiveness of the spring and the minimalist frame design.

Who can use these Jumping Stilts and what can I do with them?The Pro-Jump Exo Range is aimed at users who weigh at least 52kg and 4ft 9 inches or taller, users should expect a good cardiovascular workout when using the jumping stilts, this is combination of use and the extra weight on your legs. The following are a few things you can do with a pair of these spring loaded bouncing stilts attached to your legs and with practice…

  • Jump approx 8ft+ high
  • Take huge strides
  • Run at speeds of over 25MPH
  • Perform amazing tricks
  • Have lots of fun!

Benefits of using Jumping Stilts (also referred to as PowerBocks)... Other than the obvious fun factor, the appeal for the extreme sports junkie, the corporate entertainment and theatrical use, the Jumping Stilts provide excellent health benefits which are often overlooked by many buyers.

  • Aids weight loss
  • Provides a cardio-vascular Workout
  • Tones and strengthens the body’s core muscles
  • Increases levels of good cholesterol
  • Helps reduce levels of bad cholesterol which can protect against heart disease
  • Source: Daily Mail

Is safety gear needed? It sure is! We recommend the use of wrist guards, Knee/Shin Pads, Elbow Pads and a helmet before attempting to use Pro-Jump Jumping Stilts. Please see our range of Protection Gear by clicking here.

Are Pro-Jump Stilts hard to use? Certainly not! Generally speaking the majority of users can start walking on Pro-Jump Jumping Stilts within 10 mins, we recommend that you ask someone to help you initially to get you started and find your balance. Most people can start doing small tricks and small jumps within the first week of using their Pro-Jump Stilts.

Where can I find out more information? You can contact us directly by phone, via email on or visit which is a fantastic resource and where you can ask questions and connect with fellow jumping stilts users.

Pro-Jump Manual... The Pro-Jump Manual is packed with tips for beginners, safety and maintenance information and warranty information. Please have a browse below:

Disclaimer... Pro-Jump stilts are capable of reaching high heights.We recommend the use of full safety gear including helmets, wrist, elbow, knee / shin pads and back protection at all times. As with any high height or extreme sports, there is a risk of injury or fatalities. By ordering these stilts you must accept that Uk Good Deals Ltd will not be held responsible for any injury, loss or damage of any nature and the user alone takes sole responsibilty of any damage or injury to themselves, 3rd parties and property. You must maintain your jumping stilts to a high standard and perform safety checked before and after each use.

The Pro-Jump Exo Jumping Stilts are a revolutionary new design. Specifications include...

  • High quality black steel frame
  • Sleek new minimalist design which improves user performance and is less restrictive than previous models
  • New, Innovative Spring design which has been upgraded and improved for greater performance and durability. Helps retain energy for longer which results in a better height return with less effort input needed by the user.
  • Pro-Jump branded knee bars with dual D locking strap system and clip
  • Good quality black bindings
  • Radical new design full rubber soles which are extremely durable
  • Weight of Pro-Jump Exo with knee bar per stilt: 4.15kg (approx)
  • Height of frame from floor to footplate: 47cm
  • Height of frame from floor to top of frame: 85cm
  • Max height of product with knee bar attached: 94cm (approx)

The Pro-Jump Exo Jumping Stilts contents include:

  • Brand new and boxed product
  • Pro-Jump Exo Jumping Stilts
  • Pair of Pro-Jump Knee Bars
  • Pro-Jump Manual
  • Allen key

The Pro-Jump Adult Spring Jump Stilts come in a choice of 6 sizes. This listing is for the CZ90 model only. Please use the chart below to help you select the correct size. Please note this chart is a guide for first time buyers only as experienced users need to select a size dependant on their ability. .

Adult Pro-Jump Size guide

  • If you are a person who takes part in sports which require strong leg muscles such as Parkour, Gymnastics, free running, swimming and are towards the top end of the guideline weights then you may want to consider moving to the next weight bracket if you are close to the upper limit of the suggested weight.
  • This is a guideline only, if you need further advise please get in touch with our Pro-Jump Department by emailing or by asking advise of users on The Pro-Jump Forum

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