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Bikecomm HOLA Open Face Microphone
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Bikecomm HOLA Open Face Microphone


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Be one of the first to own a Bikecomm HOLA-S, they have just arrived in the UK! Developed with the riders comfort and needs in mind, the Bikecomm HOLA-S combines a true ease of use with incredible features. When independently reviewed by the likes of and British road testers, they both gave top marks for the HOLA Intercom range stating that they would ''recommend with confidence''. Don't take their word for it though. You won't believe it until you try it yourself!

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See a review of the HOLA-F written by one of our UK Road Testers...

When first asked to test & review the Bikecomm HOLA-F headset I thought this device will be more trouble than it?s worth, I've experimented with headphones in the past on the bike with an iPod & always ended up frustrated with wind noise blocking out the sound as soon as you reach 50mph +, so when I saw the speakers that sit next to your ear I Immediately had alarm bells ringing saying WIND NOISE!

Once fitted with a bit of time & care to make sure all the wires are tucked out of sight behind the lining of your helmet & I must stress that tucking the wires behind your helmet lining is really important as the wires are quite thin & if snagged whilst taking or putting your helmet on or off could quite easily be pulled out of the speakers. If fitted correctly the speakers sit in the recess where the helmet strap fits to the helmet right next to your ear. After following the simple pairing instructions you are immediately surprised at how clear you can hear your riding partner so with everything working we set out to give them a proper test.

Once on the road as soon as you speak into the microphone that sits neatly on the inside of your chin guard the HOLA-F kicks into action, the first mile was on A roads travelling at slow speeds & even with the visor open I was amazed at the clarity of the sound with wind noise not a problem, we called at a garage to fuel up & even kept chatting whilst one of us was in the kiosk paying.

OK now for the big test, can we keep in communication on a fast busy motorway at speed?

The answer is a big YES! The clarity is excellent at well over the motorway speed limit as it was at 30-40mph.

Once we had completed a couple of miles on the motorway I looked in my mirror expecting to see my riding partner right behind me but he was nowhere to be seen, he had dropped right back & was 1/2 mile behind me with no change in the quality of the communication.

This first test lasted for just over 6 hours & covered 250 miles & the only time we lost contact was when the other rider was in a dip in front of me. At the end of the test we switched the sets off & both got a verbal message of 50% battery left.

The 2nd test was to pair the HOLA-F with my phone, again following a few simple instructions my phone was ready to go & with the phone set to automatic answer I was soon taking a call whilst on the move. The call was as clear as a bell & the person on the other end was amazed he was speaking to me while I was riding a motorcycle.

The battery of the HOLA-F takes about 2 hours to fully charge & has a life of 12 hours.

The HOLA-F will connect with any Bluetooth device i.e. sat nav, MP3 player & most modern phones.

At the end of the test we both agreed it was a complete success & would recommend the halo with confidence.


  • Build quality - 5/5
  • Ease of use - 5/5
  • Performance - 5/5

PLEASE NOTE:- This review is for the Bikecomm HOLA-F Headset. The HOLA-S is only compatible for rider to pillion intercom communication not bike to bike. All other features are the same.

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