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Q #1 How long is delivery?
A. The NineBot Go-Karts are now in stock, this means you can now pick up from us or we can aim to deliver to you within 1-3 working days. The process for delivery is slightly different as we have to arrange a palletised delivery for you. please read the delivery process below before making a purchase.

Q #2 What is your delivery process?
A. Once an order is placed on our website we will then start the process to arrange your delivery for you. Delivery is either free or charged depending on where you live in the UK. Our process is explained below;
Contact Number Is Required Please ensure we have a reachable phone number for you, as we will call you to arrange a suitable day for delivery. We cannot despatch your order unless we have spoken to you. We recommend using a mobile number so the courier can send you an SMS delivery update.
Arranging Delivery Day We will call you on the day you ordered if your order was placed by 4pm Monday - Friday, or on Monday if you placed your order over the weekend. If your order was placed before 2pm Monday - Friday it may be possible for us to arrange a next working day delivery for you. If we do not manage to speak to you on the phone we will email you with further instructions, please respond back to us as soon as possible so we can arrange your delivery. If you need to call us, our number is 01772 792 600. The delivery can only be made to the address provided at the time of order; the person/s will need to be at the address all day.
Despatch Email and Delivery Updates Please ensure the email we have is correct. When your order is despatched from us you will receive an email from us to advise of this. This email will not have a tracking link, however the courier will email you separately with a tracking link. They will also SMS you when your order goes out for delivery with a 2 hour timeslot however this is an approximate and is absolutely not guaranteed, we advise our customers to be available all day between 8am-8pm for delivery.
Delivery Day Unfortunately the courier does not give a precise timed delivery slot for the Go-Karts; despite sending an approx. time window of 2 hours this is subject to change. We advise someone is available accept the delivery all day (between 8am-8pm) as there are redelivery and holding charges if the delivery attempt has failed (see below). If no one is present when the delivery is attempted, the depot will inform us and we will try to contact you, the driver will wait a maximum of 10 mins to make yourself available at the address after this time the goods will be returned to the depot and charges will apply for redelivery. We recommend that 2 people are present to accept the delivery due to the size and weight of the item as it will be difficult for one person to handle. The item is delivered on a Pallet which is not taken away and will be your responsibility to dispose of. The driver will require a signature and name on delivery, photo evidence may also be taken of the delivery.
Failed Delivery Charges If no one is in to accept delivery then the parcel will be taken to a local depot for a maximum of 5 days, there is a ?10 a day charge for the item to be kept here and a ?50 redelivery charge (this applies whether or not the item was originally sent on a free or paid delivery service) If the item is returned to us the customer will be liable to pay the holding and return delivery fee which will be taken off the payment paid.

Q #3 What is the difference between the Segway Ninebot Pro and the Ninebot Pro Plus Go-Karts?
A. The Ninebot Pro Plus comes with a speedometer and has a top speed of 24.9mph as opposed to 23mph on the Ninebot Pro. Whilst it may not seem a lot, during a race when seconds make a difference this could give you an edge.

Q #4 How can I find out more about these Go-Karts?
A. We recommend giving both the Starter Guide and Instruction Manual a read to ensure you are fully aware of all the specification and rider instructions prior to purchasing these Go-Karts. These go over most of the frequently asked questions and also provide a wealth of information around set up, safety and maintenance. There are also plenty of Youtube videos that have reviews and set up guides for them which are worth watching. Please note the manual included in the box in not in English, so please use the link provided or we can also print this out for you upon request when you place your order.

Q #5 How fast are the Go-Karts?
A. The Ninebot Pro has a max speed of 23mph, the Ninebot Pro Plus has a max speed of 24.9mph.

Q #6 Can the speeds be restricted?
A. There are four driving modes which control the speed from 4.97mph to the top speeds, making this Go-Kart suitable for beginners and professionals alike. Until the Go-Kart is activated using the Segway-Ninebot app the max Go-Kart speed will not be unlocked.

Q #7 Do all the parts needed to convert the Go-Kart into an S-Max Transporter come included?
A. Yes all the parts are included, the rear wheels detach from the Go-Kart body to form the transporter. The steering bar is included in the box and all fitting instructions are on the manual.

Q #8 Are there any height, weight or age restrictions?
A. The Go-Kart has an adjustable frame and steering wheel to fit riders between 130 ? 190cm. It is suitable for children over the age of 14+, we recommend all children under the age of 18 are supervised when riding these. These are suitable for a max user weight of 100kg. The Go-Kart can also be dis-assembled and used as a 2 wheeled S-Max transporter, the user weight range for this is between 40kg to 85kg. A minimum age limit of 16+ is recommended.

Q #9 How long does it take to charge the battery?
A. The battery takes approximately 4 hours to charge.

Q #10 Does the Go-Kart come with a UK Charger?
A. The Go-Kart is NOT supplied with a UK Charger but a TYPE I plug, we will however include a converter plug within the box so you are ready to set up and charge your NineBot GoKart rightaway.

Q #11 What is the typical range on a full change?
A. The typical range is approximately 15.5 miles under optimum conditions, test conditions were as follows: tested while riding under full power, 165.3 lbs (75 kg) load, 77?F (25?C), 60% of max. speed on average was on pavement.

Q #12 How do I keep the battery in optimum condition?
A. Typically, a fully charged battery should retain charge for 120-180 days when in standby. We do not recommend leaving the battery uncharged for this long and recommend regularly monthly charging even if you are not using the Go-Kart. Electronics inside the battery record the charge-discharge condition of the battery; damage caused by over-discharge or under-discharge will not be covered by the Limited Warranty. A well-maintained battery can perform well even after many miles of riding. Charge the battery after each ride and avoid draining the battery completely. When used at room temperature (70?F [22?C]) the battery range and performance is at its best; whereas using it at temperatures below 32?F (0?C) can decrease range and performance. Typically, at -4?F (-20?C) range can be half that of the same battery at 70?F (22?C). The battery range will recover when the temperature rises. More details are available in the App.

Q #13 How much warranty do you give?
A. The Go-Kart comes with a 1 year limited warranty. This includes the electronics as well as non-consumable parts (for example things such as tyres are considered consumables and will need replacing dependant on how often the product is used. These are not covered under warranty) We will also not cover any crash damage, general wear, misuse or aesthetic damage. Do not use the Go-Kart in wet weather, snow, muddy / sandy areas as this may cause damage to the battery and electrical components. The warranty will be void if the Go-Kart has been ridden in the rain, has any water ingress, has been ridden by a rider over the recommended weight of 100kg max (15st 10.5lbs), has been modified or serviced by anyone other than an authorised partner.

Q #14 Can I ride in wet weather?
A. The Go-Kart must not be driven in the rain, snow or on roads which are wet, muddy, icy, or that are slippery for any reason. Do not ride over obstacles (sand, loose gravel, or sticks). Doing so could result in a loss of balance or traction and could cause injury. You risk damaging the battery and electrical components and will invalidate the warranty. There is also potential for a fire or explosion due to a wet battery pack. It is very important the safety instructions in the manual are followed.

Q #15 Can I use these on public roads?
A. Unless UK law changes these currently CANNOT be used on any public roads or footpaths. You must only use them on private land belonging to you or ask the owner?s permission before riding them on land which does not belong to you. Some Go-Kart tracks in the country will allow you to bring your kart to use on their track for a nominal fee. We will try to get a list together of tracks which will allow you to do this soon.

Q #16 What safety gear should I use when using these?
A. At a bare minimum we recommend the use of a helmet, elbow / knee pads and fully covered shoes / trainers. Users should not wear long clothing such as skirts / loose scarves when driving as it could cause a hazard. Wearing a one piece suit is also ideal. Please refer to the user guide for more safety information.

Q #17 Where do I buy spare parts, if I need them?
A. We will be stocking a limited amount of spare parts for this model which will be listed on our website. If there is a part you require which we do not stock, we may be able to order this for you and give you an estimate of cost and delivery times which could be between 2-4 weeks.

Q #18 How do I handle and transport this?
A. When the Go-Kart is fully assembled at least two people are required to lift it to avoid damage to the kart and yourself. If you are placing the Go-Kart in the boot of the car we recommend you detach the back wheels and decrease the size of the Go-Kart frame to make it more managable to lift.

Q #19 I have a question that is not covered in this FAQ, can I contact you?
A. Yes, that's not a problem, please call us on 01772 792 600 or feel free to email us on

Q #20 Do you provide a free returns service on this product?
A. No, unfortunately we can not provide a free returns service for this product. The item remains your responsibility until we receive it back and it must be returned in an unused and new condition, please ensure a tracked for and fully insured service is used. If the item is rejected or you are not present to take delivery you will be liable for any costs related to the return of this parcel back to us.

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